Letter From Aviation History—September 2015

Arsenal of Democracy Warbirds filled the skies over Washington, D.C., on May 8, in an aerial display that’s unlikely to ever be repeated. The Arsenal of Democracy World War II Victory Capitol Flyover...

In the Mustang’s Wake

The P-51 Mustang was fast. Historian Ray Wagner called its last iteration, the 490-mph P-51H, “probably the fastest prop-driven plane actually used in wartime.” The cautious “probably” and “actually...

Making ‘The Blue Max’

Filmed 50 years ago, long before the advent of CGI, "The Blue Max" required two air forces built from scratch.

Movie Messerschmitts Sold

The Swiss company Boschung Global Ltd. announced on November 13, 2014, that it has taken possession of six rare movie Messerschmitts, which may soon be flying for the first time since 1968. Although the...

Dragon Lady Down

Republic of China Air Force Major “Mike” Hua pulled off a nighttime dead-stick landing in an early U-2

The Adventures of Flying Fitz

The celebrated copilot of the first airplane to cross the Atlantic from east to west, James Fitzmaurice ended up a forgotten hero caught between two worlds
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Aviation History: January 2001 Letters

10th AnniversaryI wholeheartedly agree with Carroll Glines' congratulatory editorial (in the September issue) on your 10th anniversary. I have subscribed for about two years...

Aviation History: March ’01 Editorial

We salute those in aviation who have earned well-deserved recognition. Every year the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) honors a handful of those who have contributed to the advancement and history of...
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Aviation History: January ’01 Editorial

Let us remember the Korean War. Though often called "the forgotten war," the terrible Korean War has not been forgotten for a minute by the men who fought it nor...
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Aviation History: September 2000 Letters

  Princess' Pilot Our dear family friend, Curt McAtee, who is 81 years old, piloted the Consolidated B-24 Liberator named Princess shown on Aviation History's March 2000 cover. He called to tell us...