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Wings Remembered

A small Tennessee aviation museum holds a great collection of mostly World War II artifacts.
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Martin Four-Oh-Four

Among fanciers of the Martin 4-0-4 airliner were luminaries such as Frank Sinatra.
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F3F Biplane Barrels Back

Christ Prevost of the Vintage Airplane Company has just returned to the air the F3F-2 you see here, which made its first post-restoration flight last September. Grumman F3Fs would have been iconic fighters...
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Defiant Restoration

Largely forgotten is that one squadron of Defiants was among the world's first effective electronic countermeasure units The U.S. had its Brewster Buffalo, and the Brits were stuck with the Boulton Paul...
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Renewed Fury

Some of the handsomest biplanes ever built were British and U.S. end-of-an-era fighters of the 1930s. Gloster Gladiators, Curtiss P-6E Hawks, Bristol Bull­dogs, Boeing P-12/F4Bs, the fat-bellied...

Faithful Annie Flies Again

Twin Beech fans might take issue, but the U.S. had nothing like the Avro Anson—a one-size-fits-all, multiuse, multicrew air force and navy multiengine trainer. It was in a sense a double-breasted Stearman:...
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Potez Replica’s First Flight

The Potez is brand-new, built from scratch using long-lost French blueprints Perhaps because the low-hanging fruit has all been plucked—the P-51s, Corsairs, B-25s and various Grummans already restored...
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E-volo Takes Lindbergh Prize

"If this innovative design reaches the commercial market it will dramatically change the way we move about the planet." Multiple-overhead-rotor flying machines, which seemingly offered safety in redundancy,...
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Historic Heinkel Recovered

"The museum has yet to decide whether this He-115 will be restored to nonflying display status or simply cleaned up and left as it was found" On June 12, one of the best-preserved and least damaged of all...
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Van’s Homebuilt RVs

Paul Dye has restored the original RV-1, progenitor of the world's most successful line of homebuilt planes.
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Virgorous Viggen

The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight has certified a Saab Viggen, adding it to its team of airworthy former SAF jet fighters.

Desert Kittyhawk Discovered

Polish oil men recently discovered a remarkably intact Curtiss Kittyhawk in the Sahara Desert inside Egypt.
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Boneyard Art

Artists have transformed old planes at the Davis-Monthan AFB "Boneyard" into colorful works of art.