In the Valley of Secrets

Virginia Mennonites helped Unionists escape the Confederacy on an underground railroad. Now their modern-day kin reveal the long hidden story
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Table of Contents – August 2014 American History magazine

The August 2014 issue of American History magazine features articles on second-term presidents, President George Washington quelling protests against the federal liquor tax, a portfolio of Carleton Watkins' photographs of Yosemite, Jewish refugees denied entry to the United States in 1939 and Virginian Mennonites helping Unionists escape the Confederacy.
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The Spirit of ’74

Two years before the Declaration of Independence was written, thousands of militiamen put an end to British rule in Massachusetts
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Table of Contents – June 2014 American History

Custer keeps the peace in Texas, Hollywood's golden age in 1939, photographs captured by Dorothea Lange, Massachusetts militiamen end British rule in 1774, and commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landing.