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Looking for information on Marcus Goldbaum of the Old West

10/8/2013 • Ask Mr. History

I have once or twice come across fleeting references to a man who roamed the west in the late 19th century by the name of Marcus Goldbaum. Apparently of Jewish-German background, he traded with the Native American tribes and was instrumental on more than one occasion in attempts to negotiate the release of captured white settlers – coming close to losing his scalp on a few occasions.

I have been able to find virtually no information on this man, including my efforts in internet searching. There is precious little documentation of him or his life. I believe that he may have ended up as a merchant in Tucson, Arizona, but have learned nothing else.

Do you know anything about him?


Sam Bierstock, MD, BSEE

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Dear Mr. Bierstock,

If you can find nothing on Marcus Goldbaum in your eastern sources,, maybe you might try going West, as he did, and check the Jewish Museum of the American West:

See http://www.jmaw.org/goldbaum-tucson-jewish/



Jon Guttman
Research Director
World History Group
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