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Letters from Readers – October 2008 Wild West

8/14/2008 • WW Issues

In response to a comment made by a reader that said the August 2007 issue was lame, I would like to say, on behalf of all your women readers, that we enjoy reading your magazine, too. Women were an important part of the Wild West, and I enjoy reading about women like Baby Doe, Cynthia Ann and even Mo-chi. Thank you for a well-rounded magazine.

Lisa J. Dover
Centerville, Texas

Big Fan
This letter is from a big fan of Wild West. The February 2008 “Desert Tiger” issue is great. I am very interested in the Apaches, their lifestyle and their fighting strategies. Your “Top Western Town” Editor’s Letter was terrific, too. I live on the edge of San Francisco, and you mentioned S.F. twice; and I’ve lived in Tombstone, the “Town Too Tough to Die.” Wyatt Earp (featured in the April issue) is buried about two miles from my house in The Hills of Eternity; I enjoy my Wild West connections.

John Flanagan
Colma, Calif.

The editor responds: Glad you enjoy the magazine. Readers can go to “forums” at our Web site www.HistoryNet.com and debate the top Old West towns.

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