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John Adams Miniseries on HBO (Review)

3/17/2008 • American History

The HistoryNet, in partnership with Armchair General, have published a review of the upcoming miniseries based on the life of John Adams. We invite you to visit Armchair General to check it out!

John Adams is a seven-part miniseries that will air over six weeks on HBO, beginning with a double episode on March 16 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Subsequent installments run each Sunday at 9:00 p.m. through April 20.

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8 Responses to John Adams Miniseries on HBO (Review)

  1. Tony Winters Jr says:

    A very interesting, educational and substantial series spanning the political life of John Adams and his dedicated and determined involvement in history. As best as a 7 part mini-series can, Adams’ critical and significant role in American history – though seemingly undervalued early on – is well-portrayed and in my opinion provides a thought provoking look into the sacrifices, trials and tribulations that not only John Adams himself, but all of our fore-fathers, endured to gain our independance from British rule and ultimately our freedom. This happens to the period of history I find most interesting of all. My gratitude to HBO and the producers of the series for producing a poignant review of history with fine work and detail.

  2. Andy says:

    I’m halfway through the dvds, having not seen it when originally aired on HBO. It stands as an engaging production that feeds off of, and further fuels, my interest in the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods of American History. In portraying John Adams, Paul Giamatti does a fine job expressing the thoughts, interactions, and personal; termoil Adams wrestled with during his life. To those on the fence, I say this – This miniseries is well worth the 8.5 hour investment it will require to watch and will pay you an clear educational and enjoyment dividend.

  3. Carlos Gargurevich says:

    I m from Peru, southamerica, and my hobbie is history and after seen at dvd the 7 caps of this serie I only can say that was not only well performed by all the actors but also that the script could not has been better done in order to show us the birth of USA and the way of thought of the people at that time. Congratulations to HBO.

  4. al says:

    The camera angles are disgusting. Stupid tilted angles and hand held shaking makes the movie look like it was shot for a fifth grade class. It made me seasick when I watched it.

  5. Dave says:

    The series was a good piece. It demonstrated some of issues people were having in deciding upon a nation. Although there are some historical inaccuracies, it lends itself to understand a man of his times and that not all of the founding fathers were above mistakes and political problems of their own.

  6. P.J. Van Dyne says:

    I bought the DVD series at the behest of one of my neighbors, whom happens to be a history buff. I knew relatively nothing of John Adams. I found it particulary interesting that John Adams participate in providing counsel to the English soldiers of those whom are presumed to be the agitators in the Boston Massacre of 1770. I also understand that there are inaccuracies, yet I feel that the documentary did its best to stay true to the realities and hardships these people faced during America’s infancy. I also enjoyed the actors that played George Washington and John Adams; their looks and portrayals of these great men gave the story authenticity and at the same time entertaining.

  7. Michael Bader says:

    My son is a high school junior who is interested in writing a short piece for your magazine about congressional statuary (the 100 statues which are chosen by each state and found scattered around Congress). He is a superb writer with a strong interest in American history (he volunteers as a guide at one of the historic houses in Lexingrton, MA). The piece would highlight a few of the statues, their history, and significance, and would have photos taken by him as well.
    Of course he does not wish to be paid for this. Please let me know if you are interested and he would work on it over March vacation.
    Thanks, Michael Bader

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