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January 2018 Table of Contents

By HistoryNet Staff
12/22/2017 • Military History, MH Issues


Cover Story

Father of the Navy
By David Harris
Irish-born John Barry fought for America and helped create its navy

The Forest for the Trees
By Michael D. Hull
Focused on victory, American planners entangled GIs in the thick of the Hürtgen Forest

Bohemian Catastrophe
By Don Hollway
The Thirty Years’ War should have ended in 1620 atop a mountain near Prague, but…

Choosing Sides
From flintlocks to modular pistol systems, American military sidearms have become more dependable and increasingly more lethal

Oz in ‘Nam
By Richard Willis
Australia’s Vietnam War experience included both in-country combat success and domestic political turmoil

The River Ran Red
By Kelly Bell
Seeking to avenge a Zulu massacre, Afrikaners faced seemingly impossible odds

On the cover: U.S. Navy Commodore John Barry poses by the cannon of one of his many commands in this Wilfred I. Duphiney portrait, which hangs in the Rhode Island State House. PHOTO: Kingsborough Community College

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Paul Golz: A German View of D-Day

By David T. Zabecki
The Last Blue Max

What We Learned From…
By James Byrne
The Haitian Revolution

By Jon Guttman
R621 Gruppenstand


Hallowed Ground
By William John Shepherd
Monocacy Junction, Maryland

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives
Shaka Zulu: Africa’s Napoléon?
By Stephan Wilkinson
The warrior-king was a fearsome fighter and master tactician—and largely the stuff of myth

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  1. Sean Hood says:

    MH needs to stop subtly pandering to the ALT-LEFT traitors in our midst. Your comment in the News Section fraudulently called the violence in Charlottesville a clash “between white nationalists and counter protesters.” Be corrected. There is no such thing as white nationalism. That is a propaganda slur created by the ALT-LEFT in an attempt to link good old fashioned American patriotism with the KKK, the Nazis and white supremacists. American Nationalism knows no color. But it is concerned with American citizenry and the attempt by the globalist left to undermine the very concept of the American nation-state. And those antifa-fascists and blm-racists were not counter-protesters they were “rioters.”

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