Is this a Civil War uniform?

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I scanned this negative from my a box of things that belonged to my grandmother. She was born in 1886 and I have many old negs, tintypes and prints. Is this a uniform from the Civil War?

Blanche Dillon

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Dear Ms Dillon,
That is definitely not from the Civil War period. It looks more like a U.S. Army uniform from the late 19th century, or a dress uniform from the early 1900s, though field uniforms by 1900 had transitioned from blue to khaki.



Jon Guttman
Research Director
World History Group
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  1. Mike Halvorsen

    After closer inspection, I think that this is a late-19th century Mexican Army Uniform. The weapon seems to be a single-shot rifle, possibly Remington from the appearances, which leads me to the Mexican Army conclusion. In the late 1880-90’s, That was their primary armament, IIRC.

  2. Iowa Gray

    It looks like a shotgun to me. Could this be a police officer?

    • bluegreydude4

      I believe that this may be an officer from the 1890 – 1902 period and he is out hunting with a break action shotgun (not sure whether it is single or double barrelled). Probably either on or near the military reservation that he is assigned to. I have seen Springfield Trapdoor rifles that have had the rifling removed and the barrel sleeved to create a shotgun (the British Army did the same thing with Lee-Enfield rifles for their officers stationed in India).

  3. Victor L'Esperance

    Is this a picture of a cadet at one of the military academies? I may be wrong but is that a possibility?


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