Is there still a place for mavericks in the U.S. military?

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Under the current standards of conduct in the U.S. military, where it’s "one mistake and you’re out," is there still a place for maverick pilots like Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Hub Zemke, Jack Broughton and John Boyd?

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  1. SSgt Charles Armond (RET)

    Emphatic No. The U.S. Military is run by political and bureaucratic Generals, who either are more worried about their image or whom have never personally taken part in actual warfare. These mavericks and many others are what made the U.S. Military the strongest and best from the first world war to korea. However, the military like the country as a whole now are more concerned with how the world perceives them in actually getting the mission accomplished.

    • Robert Lewis

      I emphatically agree. After twenty years in both naval services I can personally attest to instances where combat readiness placed second to the image of the command. Unfortunately politicians populate not only the halls of Congress.


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