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If you could ask Queen Elizabeth one question what would it be?

4/3/2010 • History Questions - Discuss Daily History Questions And Answers

If you could ask Queen Elizabeth one question what would it be?

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20 Responses to If you could ask Queen Elizabeth one question what would it be?

  1. J Beabout says:

    What are the facts of Diana’s death and the reason behind the Royal response or lack thereof?

  2. Jerry Parker says:

    Have you ever regretted being basicly forced onto the throne at such a young age?

  3. Chuck says:

    Is Charles really as dorky as he looks? I know I am. and my name is Charles.

  4. Dan Lacich says:

    Well that depends is it Elizabeth 1 or 2? If 1, “Why didn’t you make sure you had an heir?” if 2, “What do you see for the future of the royals in England?”

  5. Chuck says:

    I don’t think any of the royals would win a beauty contest, unlike us beautiful people here in Montana. As for the future, I think there will always be a royal regime. They don’t have much or maybe not any power but England needs the status symbol.

  6. Juan says:

    how does it feel to be so ugly and to do absolutely nothing for a living?

    • mikayla says:

      Escuse me but Queen Elizabeth 1 was a beautiful woman and did so much to help England INFACT she made it one of the most powerful countries in the world

  7. Norway says:

    Since Queen Elizabeth refers to the first queen with that name (Queen Elizabeth II always has the numbers behind her name, the first Elizabeth shall never have them since she was only known as Queen Elizabeth in her days), my questions will be:

    “Did you sleep with Robert, and if so, did you enjoy it?”

    “What do you feel now knowing that Lettice lived to be 94?”

  8. Carolyn says:

    I was just wondering how you felt about Helen Mirren portraying you in the movie (The Queen). I was amazed how much she looked like you. Wishing you and your family A very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

  9. Tim says:

    Your Majesty,
    In her delightful book about events of your childhood, your nanny wrote of your great love for your playhouse. Something that special certainly still exists. May I please ask where it is and the last time you saw it?

  10. elizabeth says:

    I would ask if she is a fan of one direction

  11. ashnil says:

    would you like to be a queen again if you have another life chance?
    if yes, how many children will you have?
    if no, how do you want your life to be?

    sorry for 3 questions :D

  12. Carlota says:

    are you happy with your life or would you rather lead a different life, if so what life would you lead your Highness?
    Carlota megin alafuniar

  13. mckayla says:

    your majesty what is it like to be queen

  14. Larry C says:

    QE I : What does it feel like to:
    a) have murdered Mary?
    b) have the lives of so many Irish on your conscience?

    QE II: You have had your fun in the sun so when will you klet your progeny have a go?

  15. Jacqui says:

    Did you crown a gentleman in 2009 as King James II, King of Australia? If so, why were the public not notified?

  16. ellie king says:

    Why was Queen Elizabeth 2 on the throne when the law was only boys were aloud.

    • Alexandrea says:

      In those days the law was if the current monarch should have son/s and daughter/s then no matter what age the son, he would inherit the throne. As Queen Elizabeth II had no brothers only a younger sister she inherited the throne.

  17. Hailee says:

    Yes. Especially because she ruled the whole entire kingdom alone and still managed to rule enen though she wasn’t legal because the pope didn’t recognized her fathers divorce. She could’ve been assassinated at any point of that time.

  18. sean says:

    what keeps you up at night worrying … what do you… deep in your soul…l most care about ?

    be honest … for the love of all you hold holy dispense of the politics and show

    just answer me this true … i will be yours for this

    i promise this you will have me as you will

    a press release isnt going to cut it

    im not pro or anti royal

    think of me as normal if you can concieve that

    bittom line i would like to think you are worthy ..2 lines up … your press office

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