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HistoryNet and BritishHeritage.com Podcast

5/15/2008 • HistoryNet

Welcome to our very first Podcast!  HistoryNet and BritishHeritage.com, in conjunction with VisitBritain.com, bring this podcast from Dana Lombardy in which he highlights his adventures in London during a recent trip to Great Britain.  We hope you find it interesting, and at least a little educational!

We will have a total of three 10-minute segments over the next three weeks. 

–Historynet Staff

Dana Lombardy, Associate Online Editor for World History Group, shares his experiences and anectdotes from his trip to London with his wife Anne. They both love history and food, and found a LOT to like in London. Dana presents three short audio programs:

Historical London – 13mb MP3
Some of the wonderful museums and historic locations that take anywhere from a full day to just a few hours to visit and WHY you should consider them.

Eating London – 9mb MP3
British cuisine isn’t as good as other countries? Not true! Dana and Anne found some yummy fare, and some funny food.

Exciting London – 9mb MP3
Someone in your group not into history? Never fear, even hard core historians like Anne and Dana found lots to do with friends who don’t know (or care) what the difference is between a Hurricane and Hastings.

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