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Greatest Western Movie – The Shootout Has Begun

By Staff
12/16/2008 • Wild West

The votes are in. Our list of 100 Greatest Western Movies has been culled down to the 32 titles you said were the best of the best. Now it’s time for the grand finale, the online shoot-out to determine which one of the 32 is number one, the greatest Western of them all.

Click on this link. It will take you to brackets (threads), each listing two movies that are facing off toe to toe, such as Stagecoach and The Virginian. Click on a thread to find voting buttons that let you choose your favorite of the two. Further down the page, you can read a brief description of the two films and make comments about your choice if you wish.

Click on each thread and vote until you run out of ammo —uh, that is, until you’ve voted in all the threads.

In coming weeks, the competing titles will be pared down in successive voting rounds until only two legendary Westerns stand facing each other, eyes narrowed, fingers twitching. When that round’s voting closes, one of them will be recognized as the Greatest Western Movie.

Of course, there’ll always be some newcomer, looking to challenge that title. That’s why we keep going back to the theaters . . .

17 Responses to Greatest Western Movie – The Shootout Has Begun

  1. John says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the title of a western movie that had a man who hid some money in the bottom of a church and was in jail. He was busted out, and began the chase for the gold.
    There was a scene where two men were tied together with a stick of dynamite in their pants and one barrel of water, the winner jumping in the water to not get blown up.

    Anyone know the title ??

  2. Dale OLson says:

    I recently picked up a copy of”100 Greatest westerns” and was surprised that the movie “the Culpeper Cattle Company” was not listed. Altho I have njoyed most of the westerns on flim I think the movie I mentioned rates right up there with the best.

  3. Raymond J. Briggs says:

    I would submit : Cilpepper Cattle co., Trooper Hook, Devil’s Doorway, THE Appoloosa, Dame La cabeza de Alfreado Garcia,and my favorite, Sgt. Rutledge.

  4. Mel Milliron says:

    The movies you listed are great, but I was suprised to not see Crossfire Trail or Monte Walsh.

  5. Harry Robins says:

    Your listing of the top 100 Western Movies missed:
    Sergeant Rutledge.
    El Dorado. (The original with Marlon Brando)
    The Appoloosa.

  6. 1/4circlehand says:

    How could you not include Lee Marvin and Jack Palance in Monte Walsh? Tom Sellecks remake was pretty good too, even using a lot of the same scenes-what better tribute could there be? Also Culpepper Cattle company. Tombstone seems to make several of these lists, but I find it overrated.

  7. mike mcquarrie says:

    Enjoyed the mag muchly. Disagreed with some of the choices but that’s subjective isn’t it? A comment in the review of Red River caught my interest….the arms ,clothing and equipment
    entirely innapropriate for the time protrayed. True, and even more true for such icons as the Searchers, John Ford Cavalry
    epics and almost all Spaghetti Oaters. Also the changes to the original story i.e. the endings to Red River and the Shootist. Final note..when Red River was first seralised in the Saturday Evening Post there were complaining letters re the illustrations innacuracys re arms and equipments….nothing changes. Again I loved Your publication..good stuff.

  8. david schaffner says:

    Seems like the film mentioned about money hid in a church was “thunderbolt and lightfoot” with Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.

  9. harold nolan says:

    I had recent opportunity to review your 100 greatest westersn of all
    time, and have the following comments:

    (1) I can’t understand how you could have left the movie ”
    “Silverado” (1985) off the list. It was a western that contained
    so many great elements of the best westerns of the 1930’s and
    1940″s. As a 62 year old who grrew up on these movies (starting
    in the 1950’s with the western roundup and western prarie theater
    on New York channel 13), I did not expect my favorates, the Three
    Mesquiteers (Stony, Tucon & Lullaby) to make the list. But such
    movies as “Johnny Guitar” and “Ruggles of Red Gap”, while good
    movies, are at best the pimple on the posterior of Silverado

    (2) While “High Noon” is a good movie, it does not come close
    to the level of action and western style as such movies as
    Stagecoach, Red River, or the Magnificent Seven. You may
    want to rethink your pecking order

    Harold Nolan

  10. Roger Kreiter says:

    I was shocked that SILVERADO was not in your list-I would have had it in the top ten! I’m 70 years old and have seen a lot of western movies all the way back to those Jonny Mack Brown serials.
    SILVERADO had an unbelievable cast, a decent plot, good characters and some of the best western movie music written-almost Aaron Copeland like.
    As I recall, when the movie came out in 1985 the reviews indicated that it brought back the westerns to the theaters.

  11. Shogun. G says:

    I really dont think Tombstone is overated if anything i think its become an all time favorite movie for many. I love a respect all movies that everyone has mentioned because ive seen them all aswell. One question though? When you or anyone say a movie i overated what exactly are you rating? Come on!!! If you are really a western movie fan or a movie fan in general, you would know that 99% of a good movie becoming an all time great is thank’s to the actor and the angel they carry when born with this talent to entertain us and make us follow them and love them. So they are who make movies great. Some of you know what im talking about when i mention an angel that not many actors are born with that some people fight to find that angel and achieve it, and other look for it all their lives and never find it. Ok changing subject Tombstone one of my all time favorite movies, look at all the great elements it has. Val kilmer, Kurt Russel, Bill Paxton, Sam Eliott, Billy Bob Thorton, I know for a fact that in one point of our lives we bumped in to a bully in school and would have loved to have said at least one of Val Kilmer’s unforgetable lines and become a hero at least at that moment when everbody present would of heared… Or in Appoloosa when Viggo Mortensen calls guy out of bar to settle score out in the dirt road and does that incredible pose in dual close to the end of movie, A director can only direct so much but the actor makes the scene unforgetable. Dont overrate movies just because it becomes a rumor that a movie is overrated, Look at the movie alone or with someone who you can trust and that wont make fun of the emotions an actor makes you feel and then judge for yourself and remember if the scenes makes you cry gives you goosbumps or just makes you want to jump out of seat and start jumping like if you were the caracter that actor is potreing, those are the actors with an angel who make it happen for us and everytime you watch them in any movie you will always find something different the actor improvised for himself from all the experience he has, and we will say WOW we didn’t catch that first time around, when an actor does that he or she is great!!! I would love to mention all my favorite movies and actors but for all us real movie fans there will always be an opportunity for someone to say “Who wants to play for blood” and i will say “Im your huckaberry” lol That’ll be the day? Hahaha… Well thank you guys for reading. TTYL

  12. Dane Karr says:

    I would ad to the top 100 list the follwing:
    The Cowboys
    High Plains Drifter
    El Dorado
    Big Jake
    Young Guns
    The Cheyanne Social Club

  13. T. Lowe says:

    Hi, Please help. I’m looking for the title of a movie that was show at the drive-in around 1953. I dont remember much except that the Indians would hide in the ground and jump out to attack the cowboys with tomahawks hitting them in the chest. They would then go back into the ground and wait. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. ANTHONY says:



    • bill says:

      once upon a time in the west leaves no doubt of its being the best western of all time. The actors and storyline are the best I have ever viewed.

  15. Abdul Haque Siddiqui says:

    by CHOICE. Have not have free excess to films based on his book
    ( s ). on inter-net. May be I lack expertise to run the videos. WELL.

  16. Jeff Brooks says:

    The best one on one gun draw has to be in the movie “Shane” starring Alan Ladd.

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