Game Review: History: Legends of War—Patton, by Maximum Games

By HistoryNet Staff
10/30/2013 • Military History Book Reviews

History: Legends of War—Patton, by Maximum Games, 2012, $49.99 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Windows/PC)

In this iteration of History: Legends of War you assume the role of General George S. Patton during his European campaign. This strategy game focuses on squad-based military tactics, with light role-playing thrown in to customize units and command styles. The 18 unit types comprise infantry, armor and aircraft. Mission completion grants Patton “prestige points,” with which you can recruit new units, heal the wounded, repair damaged vehicles or upgrade units. You’ll also earn skill points, with which you can tweak your unit strategy and tactics. While its turn-based format is better suited to earlier periods, the game should appeal to Patton buffs and strategy gamers.

—Ryan Burke

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