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Game Review: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, by Battlefront

By HistoryNet Staff
1/11/2012 • Military History Book Reviews, Reviews

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, by Battlefront, 2011, $55 (PC/Windows via download from

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy unfolds around the June 1944 Allied landings in northern France—from Operation Overlord itself through the Operation Cobra breakout in August. You control the infantry units, vehicles and support assets of either the U.S. Army or German Wehrmacht, all of which adhere to historical TO&E (Tables of Organization and Equipment). The developers have painstakingly researched and rendered all weapons, equipment and vehicles and faithfully portrayed each force’s respective formations and tactics. The AI is especially impressive; individual soldiers can surrender, administer first aid to the wounded, share ammo, etc. While the graphics fall a bit short in places, the superior historical content makes up for it. 

The game allows you to play either in real time or on a turn-based system, which should appeal to strategy gamers. More casual players be forewarned: The game can be extremely difficult and wholly unforgiving at times, requiring you to master the art of maneuver warfare. 

—Ryan Burke

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