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From the Vaults of the National World War II Museum

9/30/2010 • World War II

While the National World War II Museum is in the midst of a $300 million expansion, it only has enough exhibit space to display some two percent of its 100,000 artifacts. The rest are being stored or restored (largely by volunteers) in the museum’s warehouses. Fortunately, the museum realized how fascinated the public would be with its hidden trove; its most popular tour now is its “Behind the Lines” warehouse walk. For more information on the tour and the museum, visit the museum’s website. Meanwhile, for a sneak peek  at the museum’s warehouses and storage closets, click the image to begin the slideshow.

For more behind-the-scenes photos from the National World War II museum, pick up the November/December issue of World War II.

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6 Responses to From the Vaults of the National World War II Museum

  1. ColoradoGirl1984 says:

    It is so important that pieces of history like these are preserved. It’s also important that the stories of the men and women involved in World War II are preserved as well. has already written an article on The Greatest Generations Foundation, but they are now embarking on a great project that will help preserve these stories. The Legacy Project involves building a center in Normandy for WWII veterans to visit and get closure on their experiences before the opportunity is gone. I donated to the project at their website at

  2. Robert Carver says:

    I am very fortunate to be able to volunteer at The National World War II Museum here in New Orleans. I work in the Curatorial Department which oversees the collection of artifacts. I have seen several of the “behind the lines” tours come through our department and they are always amazing. The visitors get an incredible experience as they get to have a “hands on” connection with the artifacts they are shown while being given an explanation by an expert in this field of history. I have yet to see anyone come out of the collections room less than ecstatic and thrilled about the tour. If you have the opportunity when you visit New Orleans to come to our museum be prepared to spend at least one full day to take it all in as well as being sure to inquire about these tours.

    • cathy says:

      Thank you Robert…for your volunteer efforts and enthusiasm for the cause !! Long live the National World War II museum !!

      • Robert Carver says:

        Thanks Cathy! I know I am fortunate to be able to volunteer at one of the best WWII museums in the world. It is easy to be enthusiastic about this place. The really cool thing is with our ongoing expansion the best is yet to come!

  3. Larry Stives says:


  4. James Creeden says:

    Sounds good to me. Next time I’m there I def. will go and spend the day!!

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