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Friends of the National WWII Memorial Record Vets’ Stories

By History Net
1/31/2014 • HistoryNet

At Weider, we’re very big on preserving veterans’ stories so they won’t be lost to history when the vets of a war have all passed on. We’re taking an active role in preserving World War II veterans’ stories ourselves with our series of War Stories books, and among the articles in our magazines you’ll find many personal accounts of those who experienced the Civil War, World War II, Vietnam and other conflicts. So when the Friends of the National World War II Memorial emailed to let us know that student volunteers have recorded the stories of nearly 600 veterans who have visited the memorial since June 2012, we thought we ought to share a link to those stories with our readers.

Click here to visit the Friends of World War II Memorial website and go to Voices of World War II



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