Frederick Douglass Reenactor Says He Was Born To Play The Part

When he strides through a District restaurant, he seems from another era, wearing the same kind of hat once worn by the 19th-century Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave turned abolitionist, publisher and statesman. Douglas is a Douglass reenactor, you see. In a life of performance art, he poses as the great man. Douglas, 60, makes appearances around the country in top hat and tails, orating in the high English and deep baritone for which Douglass was known. His wife, B.J., a singer, often performs with him, portraying the abolitionist’s first wife, Anna Murray Douglass.

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  1. Diana Porter

    The Cincinnati neighborhood of College Hill is hosting a Living History Day on Sept. 21st as part of our Bicentennial. We have a proud abolitionist history and want to show case it. We are a racially and economically diverse urban neighborhood and want our Bicentennial to bring the neighborhood together.

    Do you have suggestions for reenactors here inOhio? Would you be interested in be a part of an event like this?


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