Edwin Forbes Gettysburg Paintings – Gallery

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Scenes from the Battle of Gettysburg painted by the reporter and artist Edwin Forbes (1839–1895), who covered the Union troops for Frank Leslie’s Magazine from 1862 to 1864. Press artists of the time would make quick sketches of the action and finish them in the studio. Some of Forbes’s work illustrates “Did Robert E. Lee Doom Himself at Gettysburg?” in the Summer 2009 issue of MHQ.



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  1. Debra Novotny

    The Confederates who were attacking were in Edward Johnson’s Division, not Johnston’s. The US troops at the top of Culp’s Hill that they were attacking were George Sears Greene’s Brigade of Henry Slocum’s XII Corps.

  2. Debra Novotny

    The caption for painting #8 should read “The Army of Northern Virginia” not “The Army of Virginia.”

  3. Debra Novotny

    In painting #3, Johnston’s should be Johnson’s.


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