December 2013 – Civil War Times – Table of Contents


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Monitor’s Slow Reveal
By Francis DuCoin
Careful conservation is exposing the ironclad’s turbulent battle record

‘Brave but vain valor!’
By John Churchman
Confederate officer George W. Finley witnessed chaos at Malvern Hill
ONLINE Bonus: John D. Eggleston, a Richmond-area doctor, was George Finley’s brother-in-law. He wrote this letter to his sister Margaret, Finley’s wife, after the battle.

The Minstrel Man
By Julia Bricklin
T. Brigham Bishop’s music entertained troops and residents in Tennessee

A Boy Named Chancy
By Robert K. Krick
Would you name your kid after a disaster?

Interviews by Violet Snow
Descendants traveled from near and far to honor their ancestors at Gettysburg

‘Hallo Sam. I’m Dead’
By John David Hoptak
General Jesse Reno’s death cost the North a fine commander


New! Letter of Note

News, culture and events

Rappahannock Station, Va.

Poor George Meade

Manassas Monument

Keeping Jeff Davis’ Legacy

A Great Week

A museum, films and music

Reno Monument and more

“Little Mac” pipe 

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    I have a son who was born in 1996. I searched long and hard for the perfect name for my last child..already raising 4. I researched a long time and for my love of unique names came across Chancelor and instantly thought… Nickname be Chance… I was hooked! I chose to use the English spelling of Chancellor but I feel it means the same…so I guess I would name a child after a disaster… My son is a strong person and I feel it was the proper name for him


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