Civil War Times Picture of the Month

Two weeks ago this image was so covered with dirt and dust it was almost unrecognizable. Restoration of the Virginia officer’s image revealed the unmistakable signature of famed Southern photographer Charles Rees of Richmond, Va., etched into the emulsion. His works are rare and prized, as he was arguably the finest photographer of the Civil War era. Each image was a masterpiece, a photographic work of art. Rees’ studio fell victim to the fires that ravaged Richmond when Confederate forces evacuated the city on April 3, 1865.

2 Responses

  1. John Braden

    Rank speculation!
    1. He may not have been wounded at all. Maybe he injured his arm in a fall.
    2. The backdrop may give clues as to the photographer and where he was located, but tells us nothing about what actions the soldier has seen.

    • Matthew

      Possibly but he seems to be displaying it with a bit of pride and personally if I just broke my arm falling off a horse or tripping over a rock I dont think I would be so inclined to run to the photographer and have my photograph taken to remind me of the clumsy mishap for the rest of eternity.


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