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Civil War Times – October 2011 – Table of Contents

8/8/2011 • CWT Issues


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Bullets vs. Bricks in Baltimore
Pro-Southern mobs did not take kindly to visitors from Massachusetts
By Michael G. Williams

Commence Firing!
Bullets fly and cannons thunder when the N-SSA gets together
By Tom Huntington

Faces of an Era
Look into the eyes of soldiers and their loved ones

Land of Contradiction
A Northerner’s prewar sojourn through the plantation South
By Justin Martin

Gettysburg Mystery Solved The site of famous battlefield photos has been discovered
By D. Scott Hartwig

End of the Gentleman’s War
A “slight demonstration” by Union troops at Ball’s Bluff went wrong in a very big way
By William Marvel


Mail Call
Mosby partisans debate; how to handle hot shot; 4.5-inch rifles

Civil War Today
Emancipation Proclamation on tour; USS Constellation back home in Baltimore

Blue & Gray
Robert E. Lee’s conflicting loyalties
By Gary W. Gallagher

Collateral Damage
Stonewall Jackson’s cozy cottage in Winchester, Va.
By Harry Smeltzer

It’s hot, dirty work…and awesome. The joys of being an archaeologist

Field Guide
Corinth, Miss.: Key to the Western Theater

Letter From Civil War Times

Williamsburg walking tour; J.E.B. Stuart’s horse artillery

Visit Stonewall’s Winchester office; Gettysburg details; get a great milkshake in Corinth

Caricatures by Mike Caplanis

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