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Civil War Times – February 2013 – Table of Contents

12/6/2012 • CWT Issues


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‘Into a Hornet’s Nest’
By Lance J. Herdegen
John Gibbon’s Iron Brigade confronted horrific carnage at Antietam

Online Extra: An account of battle at Antietam by Lieutenant George Breck of the 1st New York Artillery.

On the Trail of Colonel Walker
By Keith S. Bohannon and Gordon L. Jones, with the assistance of Bill Beard
A beloved infantry leader’s weapons are at last reunited

Blood Proof
By Noah Andre Trudeau
At Nashville the rookies in the USCT showed they knew how to fight

State of the Art
By Kim A. O’Connell
Get a look at the Four Seasons of the Confederacy murals, now under restoration

Writers on the Run
By Gavin Mortimer
Yankee newsmen engineered a daring escape from a Southern prison

Up Close With ‘Fighting Joe’ Hooker
Firsthand account of how the Union general handled a close call the day before Antietam 



Challenging the casualty figures

News, culture and events

Shelby Foote, popular historian

Boys in the band take a break

Paul LaRue on teaching the war

Liverpool, England

A forgotten order changed the war

John Brown’s spy in Harpers Ferry

Black Hats, Atlanta History Center

Bloody Banner