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Civil War Times – February 2012 – Table of Contents

12/6/2011 • CWT Issues


The Loyalty of Silas Chandler
Was he a heroic black Confederate—or a slave forced to do his master’s bidding?
By Myra Chandler Sampson and Kevin M. Levin

‘Terrible Has Been the Storm’
William Sherman’s men took out years of frustration on South Carolina civilians.
By Jacqueline G. Campbell

War Around the Edges
George Houghton photographed daily life in Union Army camps in Virginia.
By Harold Holzer

George Crook’s Tin Ear
At the Second Battle of Kernstown, Jubal Early lured Union forces into a trap.
By Scott C. Patchan

Christmas in Blue and Gray
A Confederate and a Federal soldier describe Christmas away from home.

Longstreet: Culprit or Scapegoat?
“Old Pete’s” role at Gettysburg has sparked debate for generations.
By Glenn Tucker



A craze for pinky rings; Mosby

News, Culture and Events

Lee searches for a new Stonewall

Rebel POWs at White House Landing

Tracking Stonewall’s ambulance ride

Civil War Times celebrates 50 years

Judge Holt, Abe’s controversial advocate

Artifacts, websites and more

Mainers’ tribute to the Union

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