Dana B. Shoaf Appointed to Washington Post Sesquicentennial Advisory Panel

Weider history Group is pleased to announce that Dana B. Shoaf, editor of Civil War Times, has been selected as a member of the Washington Post‘s advisory panel for the Civil War Sesquicentennial. Shoaf joins an illustrious panel that includes historians such as Ken Burns, Harold Holzer, Gary Gallagher, Ed Ayres, Edna Greene Medford and Stephanie McCurry, among others.  Look for Shoaf’s contributions on the Post‘s Civil War blog, A House Divided. He, along with the other panelists, will be answering questions about the conflict and it’s critical events throughout the four-year 150th commemoration of the war.


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  1. Dennis W Kevari

    I g-mailed the civil war times for February 2014 with the answer to the picture of the fort. It was fort Pulaski in Georgia .Please call me if I was right or g-mail me. Thank you.

    • Dennis W Kevari

      Please reply to my answer to picture of fort Pulaski in February issue of the civil war times. Call me at 301-646-7841 or g-mail me. Thank you.


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