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Civil War Times – August 2010 – Table of Contents

7/6/2010 • CWT Issues


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Second-Guessing Dick Ewell
Is it fair to blame General Richard Ewell for the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg?
By Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White
PLUS: 5 Battle Maps by David Fuller

The Proclamation and the Peculiar Institution
Historians weigh in on the Old Dominion’s Confederate History Month

The Great Libby Prison Breakout
Engineering the war’s most daring escape one furtive shovelful at a time
By Steven Trent Smith

Unwritten History
The war memoirs Robert E. Lee chose not to write
By Noah Andre Trudeau

‘Villains, Vandals and Devils’
Rebels fought to the bitter end because they hated the Yankee invaders
By Kenneth W. Noe


Mail Call
Atlanta Cyclorama; Leister House; Facebook feedback

Civil War Today
Horse head dispute; Antietam flooding; Pilot Knob; looking back on the Centennial

Blue & Gray
Finding the real meaning of Virginia’s “shared history”
By Gary W. Gallagher

Bob Kirby takes the reins at Gettysburg

Civilians in Harm’s Way
Chickamauga’s Snodgrass Family
By Harry Smeltzer

Field Guide
Mobile Bay, Alabama

Letter From Civil War Times

Northern reporters in Atlanta; Florida Brigade; Mosby sidekick William Henry Chapman

More to see in Mobile; prison survey; Lee Chapel

Caricatures by Mike Caplanis


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