Civil War Ship Models

Retired engineer and naval officer Edward Parent of Hamilton, Mass., re-creates the metal behemoths of the North and the South in his collection of some 80 painstakingly detailed Civil War–era vessels. Carefully rendered to 1/240 scale and averaging 10 inches in length, Parent’s models help us envision the beasts in their glory days.

Photography by Rob Napier.

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  1. dave

    Dear Edward,

    !st very nice work, great detail. A question, did you build these from scratch or we they kits, or a combination of both?

    • Edward D. Parent

      Of the models shown above , the first two photos are of the monitor USS Lehigh which was made from a 1/96 scale kit by “Old Steam Navy” Company All of the others are scratch built : The two photos of USS New Ironsides shown are also in 1/96 scale.All of the others are in 1/240 scale.

  2. Allen

    Wow! I assume you’re a neurosurgeon in your spare time.

  3. William J. Stoop

    Dear Edward,
    I read you did a model of the USS Tyler. I would love to see pix of this model. My Gr-grandfather and namesake served on board her, the Red Rover and the Clara Dolson. Any possibility of you allowing me to see photos of this model?
    William J. Stoop


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