Candlelight Vigil And Remembrance At Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

On the evening of Friday, August 17, 2007, CWPT, the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and the National Trust for Historic Preservation will host a candlelight vigil on the site of the unauthorized digging of hallowed battlefield land. We will be joined by several local preservation groups who have been fighting the good but often lonely fight against development at Harpers Ferry.

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  1. Wayne Bishop

    A private investment firm bought the Historic Hill Top Hotel in 2007. The hotel was closed and allowed to further decay. It partially collapsed during the winter of 2010.It remains open to the elements,wildlife etc and is reported by the investment firm that the building contains asbestos,lead and other Hazardous materials. There is a big pile of debris leeching into the soil,water and air in the middle of the historical town and National park. Nearby neighbors include residential families and the Town day care center.
    The Project they are planning is to raise the historical structure and build a 200,000 sf hotel with a parking garage,spa, bars, restaurants,convention and wedding facilities in the middle of the national historic park and view shed. Need help now from preservation groups.


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