Burt Rutan: Genius or So Much Hype?

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Many consider aerospace engineer Burt Rutan a genius, while others suggest that his unusual approaches to aircraft design are mostly aimed at attracting media attention. What do you think Rutan’s place will be in aviation history?

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3 Responses

  1. steve

    If Burt’s aim was to gain media attention, then how do you explain the fact that he is the only individual in history to design, test, and successfully produce an aircraft that entered space on 3 seperate occasions.

    This was done in the private sector with zero backing from any government. It seems a little too simplistic and unreasonable to explain his success as a mere desire for media attention.

  2. Ronn

    I would have to agree with Steve. Burt and Dick have gone way beyond merely attracting media attention. It is a certainty that they both will be recorded favorably in aviation history. As for me, while it’s true: I am a land and sea rated pilot with high performance and tail dragger endorsements and my last name happens to be Rutan (2 cousins) I am not in the same league. Respectfully

    • Lloyd

      Definitely he was a genius at aviation design. He has no equal. Plus, he was a tireless worker at it as well; quad Kudos for Rutan


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