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Book Review: ROBERT CAPA: PHOTOGRAPHS (Richard Whelan) : AH

8/11/2001 • American History Reviews, Reviews

ROBERT CAPA: PHOTOGRAPHS , introduction by Richard Whelan (Aperture, 192 pages, $50.00).

More than 160black-and-white duotone photographs vividly testify to the remarkable talent ofRobert Capa (1913-54), one of the century’s most distinguished photographers.Born in Hungary, but driven from that country by political oppression, Capa hasbeen called “The Greatest War Photographer in the World.” He captured on filmmost of the armed conflicts of the mid-twentieth century, including the SpanishCivil War in the late 1930s, the 1938 invasion of China by Japan, the Europeantheater of World War II, the Israeli War for independence in 1948, and the 1954French Indochina War. His photographs of the landing of Allied forces on theshores of Normandy on June 6, 1944, are among the most famous of that epicmilitary operation.