Book Review: Custer, Cody & The Last Indian Wars: A Pictorial History (Jay Kimmel) : WW

8/12/2001 • Battle of Little Bighorn, George Custer, Geronimo, Native American Indian Chiefs, Tecumseh, Wild West Reviews

Two of the most famous figures of the Old West, George Armstrong Custer and William F. (“Buffalo Bill”) Cody, were alsotwo of the most photographed individuals of their time. So if you want to do a Western pictorial history, those are two goodchoices to be your leading players. Actually, Custer and Cody share center stage in Jay Kimmel’s entertaining book with a richcast of American Indians from Tecumseh to Geronimo. There are more than 300 illustrations, most of which have detailedcaptions. Some of the text is by Kimmel, but he also includes previously published writings by others–such as “Chief Joseph’sOwn Story,” originally published in 1897. Kimmel suggests that Custer was fatally wounded very early in his assault at theLittle Bighorn, and that’s why “the leaderless and panicked men tried to escape to the east rather than southward in thedirection of Reno and Benteen.” Custer and Cody buffs will be familiar with most of the information presented here, but thereare some surprises and plenty of nice pictures.