Book Review: Custer Catastrophe at the Little Big Horn 1876, compiled by Richard Upton

Custer Catastrophe at the Little Big Horn 1876, compiled and introduced by Richard Upton, Upton and Sons, El Segundo, Calif., 2012, $55

Volume 11 in the fine Battle of the Little Big Horn series also has a long subtitle: Early Rare Accounts and Publications by Early Writers That Form the Basis for Much of the Current Books and Programs of Today. Buffs of the most written-about Indian wars catastrophe will delight in seeing all in one volume nine scarce publications, now in nine chapters—“Major Reno Vindicated,” by Colonel William A. Graham; “General George A. Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn,” by General Edward S. Godfrey; “General Custer’s Last Fight as Seen by Two Moons,” by Hamlin Garland; “Custer’s Last Battle,” by Captain Charles King; “The Custer Fight,” by Fred Dustin; “A Story of the Custer Massacre,” by Jacob Adams; “General George A. Custer: A Lost Trail and the Gall Saga,” by Charles Kuhlman; “Last Summer’s Expedition Against the Sioux and Its Great Catastrophe,” by General John Gibbon; and “Hunting Sitting Bull,” also by Gibbon. In case you missed it, Volume 10 in the series was Where the Custer Fight Began: Undermanned and Overwhelmed, the Reno Valley Fight, by Donald W. Moore (who acknowledges a big assist from collector Glen Swanson).


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