Babylift Vietnam Cover Spurs Search on New Oprah Show

Jennifer Nguyen Noone with the October 2006 issue of Vietnam. (Photo courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)
Jennifer Nguyen Noone with the October 2006 issue of Vietnam. (Photo courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)
Jennifer Nguyen Noone, the baby in the photo of the Operation Babylift that appeared on the cover of the October 2006 issue of Vietnam magazine, was recently featured on Searching for… an Oprah Winfrey Network program in which host Pam Slaton assists people in finding someone—a mother, brother, father, sibling—who has somehow been lost in their lives.

In frequent television promotions for the program on the just-premiered cable network launched by Winfrey, Noone hands Slaton a copy of the magazine and tells her: “There’s a picture of a soldier holding this baby. We were able to confirm that that baby was me.” In the cover photo, a C-141 crewman is pictured bottle feeding an infant while en route to Clark Air Force Base in April 1975, as the South Vietnamese government fell.

When the Searching for… show aired on April 18, Noone asked for Slaton’s help in finding the soldier on the cover, Air Force Staff Sgt. B.J. Harms, identified finally as Brian John Harms.

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  1. Stuart Harms

    Brian Jon Harms was my brother. It was a shock to find out that he was on the cover of Vietnam magazine and I just found ouy about it on May 28th,2011. I am trying to find out if I can buy a copy of the October, 2006 issue. It was to bad that more time was not given to what Brian accomplished in the twenty years he spend in the service. Thank you for any help you can give me. Stuart Harms

    • dnewbold

      Stuart, thus begins another interesting chapter in this story. We would be delighted in learning more about your brother, Brian Jon (B.J.) Harms. After watching Jennifer’s story on “Searching for…” we ourselves were curious to know more about him. Thank you for contacting us here. We will be in touch and will send you the October 2006 issue.

      Debra Newbold
      Managing Editor, Vietnam magazine.

    • Verni LeCompte Mcilrath

      Hi Stuart,

      I was stationed with Brian in the PI. My boyfrined,Craig Mcilrath was Brians roomate, along with Greg Gmerek.Greg Gmerek was also on that planeHe is alive and well and living in Michigan. He has several pictures of Brian.. I worked with the refugees after they arrived at Clark, and also on Wake Island. I knew Brian very well. What a nice fella. So sorry to hear of his passing.

      I had no idea he was on this magazine. As you have, I have also requested a copy of the magazine. How sad the young woman was not able to thank him.

      Being stationed at Clark was an incredible experience. Your brother was a very nice, kind person. I remember him so well.

  2. Verni LeCompte Mcilrath

    I am blown away by this story. My husband(boyfriend at the time) was Brain Harmes roomate in the PI. Additioanlly, I was a medic in the AF during this time. I was part of a 30 person Air Evac hospital sent to Wake Island after Operation Babylift. I delivered a baby given by one of the Vietnamese women on Wake.BEfore the birth she was on the bedpan, and screamed,”baby coming”. I ran to get the Dr.It was a successful delivery. I have thought about this baby so many times, and wondered where he is. The women who delivered babies during that time gave their babies the middle name Wake. Because I helped this woman, she wanted to name her baby after my boyfriend.. His name is Craig. Somewhere there is a guy named Craig Wake Nguyen. How could I also get a copy of this magazine. I was sorry to hear of Brains death. He was a good guy.

  3. Lana Noone (Jen's Mom)

    Many thanks, Debra for providing this forum-very much appreciated by Jen and me. We are grateful to all who helped during Babylift and to all at Clark during that time. Thank you all and…Welcome home!t

  4. Dieu Trang (Mimi) Bui

    I was born on June 16, 1975. My father was captured in Saigon and my mother luckily evacuated with a few members of his family because they were a part of the South Vietnamese military. I have been searching for years for others like me as well as a way to access a more current Birth Certificate to obtain a U.S. Passport. I have my old notarized birth record but it is not accepted by the Passport Agency. Can anybody guide me in the right direction please? My contact info is soulsistah75 at gmaildotcom.
    Thank you,
    ~Mimi Bui


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