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Armchair General- Letters from Readers May 2013

7/20/2017 • HistoryNet

Pinched Fingers?

When I researched the article “Gourmet Grunts, 1968-70,” which I wrote for the January 2013 issue of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Center people at Fort Lee, Va., about the lack of a small folding stove, like the German ACG, I talked to army’s Esbit stove, which could have easily been issued to U.S. troops in Vietnam to heat their field rations. They said: “There was a lot of testing, but the guys who were handling the stove always seemed to get their fingers pinched, so the decision was made it was too dangerous.”

I was speechless. Too “dangerous”?! Grunts in Vietnam combat carried all imaginable tools of death: grenades, small arms, ammunition, claymore mines, C-4 explosives, flares, mortar rounds, you name it. And yet they were concerned that troops might get their fingers pinched by a folding stove?



Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest

I am a longtime subscriber and enjoy Armchair General immensely. It is a great magazine and I look forward to every issue’s arrival.

Recently, my son and I took a “Beyond Band of Brothers” tour of Europe that culminated in a visit to Adolf Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest,” perched in the mountains near Berchtesgaden, Germany. This photo was taken in the Eva Braun room, which was crafted from hardwoods grown in the area. Amazing place on the top of a mountain! Following the path of Easy Company was incredible.



Ploesti Raid

I very much enjoyed the Ploesti article in ACG’s January 2013 Battle Studies, having never known any of the details. I learned a lot about something I’ve always wondered about – except how to pronounce “Ploesti”!



The name of the target city in the Romanian oilfields struck by U.S. Army Air Forces bombers in the costly August 1, 1943, raid is pronounced Ploh-EST-ee. Detweiler is a longtime ACG subscriber and the CEO of Stackpole Books (stackpole, whose recent publications include these highly recommended titles: Tortured Souls: The 29th Infantry Division in the Rhineland, November-December 1944 by Joseph Balkoski; Searching for George Gordon Meade: The Forgotten Victor of Gettysburg by Tom Huntington; and Gettysburg: The Story of the Battle With Map by Stackpole editors.

Holiday Shopping Guide

Thanks for once again providing readers with ACG’s annual Holiday Shopping Guide of recommended books and DVDs, which was printed in the January 2013 issue. I look forward to the list each year, as I always find it extremely helpful in narrowing down my choices on what gifts to purchase for friends and family and also for finding “keepers” to add to my own military history library. With so many books and DVDs for sale, your recommendations really help separate the wheat from the chaff!


Thank you for the positive feedback! We are pleased that our recommendations help our readers narrow down their choices for the “best of the best” in military history books and DVDs.

Forrest Issue

Quite by accident, while traveling I discovered your most informative Battlefield Leader article on my relative, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. My great grandmother’s name was Amanda Forrest, and thus I am always fascinated to learn more about this larger-than-life general.

I bought the September 2012 issue in an airport, but unfortunately I lost it. I’d like to have a copy of it for my children to read. Please let me know how I might obtain one and how much it would cost to have it mailed. Thank you.


Older issues of Armchair General may be purchased online at To place an order, simply click on “Our Store,” and then drop down to “ACG Back Issues.” The cost is $9.95 per copy (subject to availability), which includes postage and handling.


Originally published in the May 2013 issue of Armchair General.

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