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April 2013 – Civil War Times – Table of Contents

2/13/2013 • CWT Issues


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‘The Awfullest Fire I Was Ever Under Yet’
By Robert K. Krick
Never-before published letters by a young 16th North Carolina infantryman

Mystery in the Wilderness
By Chris Mackowski
Has Stonewall’s amputated arm disappeared?

What Happened to Island No. 10?
By Craig Swain
The “Big Muddy” has pushed this battle site around over the years

Reel vs. Real
By Harold Holzer
How faithfully does Spielberg’s Lincoln portray Thaddeus Stevens?

Rebels at Montpelier
By Sarah Richardson
Confederates set up camp on James Madison’s estate

Was War Inevitable?
By Jamie Malanowski
Six turning points when wholesale bloodshed could have been avoided



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