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America’s Civil War – September 2012 – Table of Contents

6/21/2012 • America's Civil War

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Armies of last resort
Folks back home looked to home guards for protection. Sometimes they needed protection from the home guard.
By Jim Bradshaw

Showdown on South Mountain
Bobby Lee had a plan to scare the dickens out of Pennsylvania. What he got was a tussle in Maryland.
By Dennis Frye

‘As bad as can be’
Invading the North cost the Confederacy devastating
carnage, diplomatic failure and the death knell of slavery.

The dead of Antietam
Mathew Brady’s shocking exhibition of battlefield
photos gave New Yorkers a grim impression of war.

Union rout in Louisiana
The Federals’ best-laid plans went awry in the Red River Campaign because of a simple problem of logistics.
By Christine M. Kreiser

Southern comfort
Union veterans could count on government aid in their twilight years. Aging Rebels needed another kind of safety net.
By Kim A. O’Connell



Field Notes Civil War news and history

Primary Sources Starving Sioux declare their own war

Her War A Yankee woman defies her Rebel state

Cease Fire How many people really died?

In Time of War September­–October 1862


Reviews Two-of-a-kind generals, war and politics, Western
wrangling, Lost Cause consequences and revisiting Andersonville

Struck! Forest fire

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