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Americas Civil War – September 2011 – Table of Contents

7/20/2011 • America's Civil War


What a Difference a Day Makes
The odd before-and-after issue of a local paper reflects the cataclysm of Antietam.
By Tim Rowland

The Ultimate Political Action Committee
Two heads can be better than one, but a whole congressional committee can be a disaster.
By Ron Soodalter

The War on Canvas
A new generation of artists finds new ways to express the emotions of conflict.
By Harold Holzer

War Is Good Business
That is, as long as your business is in the North. The South, on the other hand, could do with a good stimulus.
By David Goldfield

Cash for Combat
Financing a war gave a new meaning to that old maxim about “death and taxes.”



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

Primary Sources
Just can’t suffer fools gladly

Cease Fire
Check out an exhibit

Barbara Fritchie raised a flag…or did she?

A Civil War Chronology


Catch a train in Baltimore, Carolina in their minds, a year of living dangerously and a rose among thorns

How to stop a watch

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