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America’s Civil War – January 2013 – Table of Contents

11/9/2012 • America's Civil War


America’s second declaration of independence
Abraham Lincoln often leaned on his ability to turn a phrase, but this proclamation needed to be more than clever.
By Harold Holzer

Cold comfort
Winter quarters could be a passable place to chill out. But pity the poor soldiers on campaign who learned what it really meant to wage a cold war.

Showdown in New Mexcio
The Southwest with its riches beckoned the Confederacy. General Henry Sibley’s Rebels responded at Valverde.
By Christine M. Kreiser


John Cook managed to escape as Marines trapped John Brown in Harpers Ferry. And that’s when his luck ran out.
By Steven Lubet

Pennsylvania’s ‘perfect hell’
Working long hours for low wages was bad enough. When they were drafted, immigrant coal miners really got hot. A special adaptation from the ACW archives.

By Jim Zbick

Tennessee tension
Both Braxton Bragg and William Rosecrans had too much at stake to lose a fight at Murfreesboro, but somebody had to.
By Peter Cozzens



Field Notes Civil War news and history

Primary Sources Galveston, oh Galveston

Cease Fire Picture perfect

Her War Have I got your attention, Governor?

In Time of War January-February 1863


Reviews Texas troopers, Maryland mapped,
water wars and lost landscapes

Struck! Not quite your cup of tea

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