Baptised by Fire: Images of Peleliu

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  1. jd

    An amazing book which reveals why so many vet’s don’t want to share what they saw, heard and experienced during these engagements. Sledge lays bare the true horrors of war in his haunting account. From the few episodes of the Pacific I’ve had the opportunity to see, they do a very good job of relating the book and bringing it to the screen. I have been reading the Pacific book which actually details other vet’s and their experience also and so far is quite engaging and follows the conflict from Pearl Harbor to the bitter end.

  2. Michael Boling

    I read Sledge’s book. I spent 25 years as a Naval Officer and my respect for the Marines of today and yesterday is extremely high. Those heroes of WWII in the Pacific should never be forgotten. Their bravery under fire brings tears to my eyes.


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