100 Greatest Westerns – Time’s a-wasting

Time’s running out to cast your vote in the 100 Greatest Westerns preliminary rounds. Voting in that portion of the tournament ends at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time (high noon in Tombstone) on Friday, December 12. The elimination rounds to choose the top Western of them all starts next week.

Cast your vote now.

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  1. Tarheel

    Bought the magazine today in the Fort Bragg, NC, post exchange and pretty well devoured it…Page 8 invited readers to submit westerns that were missing from the top 100 but were thought to deserve recognition, etc., so here goes:

    1. The Long Riders-amazingly realistic and historically accurate-portrayed the James Younger gang’s botched Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery. A gritty, really forceful western. One of the few that used realistic violence without going totally over the top.

    2. The Cowboys-one of John Wayne’s best, rivals The Shootist in quality, Bruce Dern’s characterization of the western villain rivals Palance and Eli Wallach.

    3. The Missouri Breaks–Jack Nicholson in the only western I’ve ever seen him in, as well as Brando doing one of his better performances…

    4. Bite The Bullet-Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen and several other stars in a western with a unique theme–

    I was really pleased to see The Professionals at #30–one of my all time favorite westerns.

    Thanks for providing me with an opportunity to comment. Overall, enjoyed the magazine very much.

  2. Adam Turnquist

    The reason why I love Westerns is because of THE COWBOYS starring John Wayne. I can’t believe that is not on the list. It is in my top ten. Overrall I found that this list was well done and alot of time went into it. I also felt that The Long Riders and For a Few Dollars More SHOULD have been mentioned, but this was a very interesting and well done magazine.

  3. Ray Rios

    Although, I would agree with 80% of your choices, I feel these were missing:

    1 The Long Riders w/Carradine Bros,
    2 Culpepper Cattle Company w/gary Grimes
    3 Cold Mountain w/Nicole Kidman
    4 The Grey Fox w/ Richard Farnworth
    5 Pale Rider w/Clint Eastwood
    6 The Cowboys w/ John Wayne
    7 Silverado w/Kevin Costner
    8 Bad Company w/Jeff Bridges
    9 Angel and THe Badman w/Jhon Wayne
    10 Shenandoah w/James Stewart
    11 The Bear

    12 My Name is Nobody w/ Henry Fonda
    13 The Amigos w/steve Marten

    14 Lonsome Dove

    15 Hud w/Paul Newman

    I truly think that any or all of these deserve merit! at least they are on my top 100 Best Westerns.

    By Ray Rios

  4. Hammerogod

    Some Honorable Mentions:

    – Duel at Diablo (somewhat brutal, but an interesting change of pace)

    – Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (a MUST SEE movie)

    – The Searchers (perhaps the best “Western” ever)

    – The Magnificent Seven (Are You Kidding Me!?..This movie stands alone)

    – ALL of the James Stewart Westerns (Jimmy was a better Cowboy that Wayne in many ways)

    – Ox-Bow Incident ( you gotta see this one)

    My personal Favorite –> “Unforgiven” (Thanks Clint)

    The Western that I (very personally) concider to be the Greatest of all time —> “Tombstone”

    And I fully agree with the list above mine.

    Bryan S.

  5. john giardina

    First off some of the films listed should not be on this list !!
    Blood Simple , Last of the Mohicans, Lone Star, Bad Day at Black
    Rock all though very good movies are not really westerns !!
    Some of the comedies picked are lame choices !! Are your film
    critics serious with putting ” The Way West ” as # 92 ? Thats
    like a one and a half star movie !! If your going to pick a
    western with humor ” Mclintock ” and ” Dodge City ” would
    have been good choices !! I know 13 John Wayne movies were
    picked but to leave off ” She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” when you
    have a hundred picks !! Scratch ” Riders in the Sky ” and put
    in ” Union Pacific “, scratch ” Ride with the Devil ” and put in
    ” Rio Grande “. I would have picked ” Life and times of Judge
    Roy Bean over ” The Westerner ” !! I think ” Decision at Sundown ”
    is an overlooked Randolph Scott classic , but if your gonna
    STRETCH the western genre like are critcs did than ” VIVA ZAPATA ” must be put in at least the top 25 !!!

  6. George McCormick

    Unforgiven: The old west meets the Bowery,although I liked it. 3
    Tombstone: the most revisionist western ever-people actually went around in upscale clothes, knew Shakespeare, carried on conversations in Latin, could engage in complex political and social intrigues? My God, the next thing you’ll be telling me is that there were compassionate and loving people in the West.
    My personal number 1.
    The Shootist: another movie that shows the Old West ( a more modern variety) as much of it appeared at the time. Wayne’s best. 2
    These are my top three. They each represent an actual aspect of the west and are the best portrayals.

  7. Jim Paul

    I received a copy of the 100 Greatest Westerns. While I agree with most of the choices, I can’t believe some of the others. #25,27,49,62 and #90. These were not Westerns. They were comedy’s that used a Western theme. The Paleface at #58. come on, you have to be kidding, right. You put that in as a joke.Your #6 choice, Seven Men From Now is a major error. How could anyone put that above Shane, The Wild Bunch, Open Range, Dances with Wolves, Jeremiah Johnson just to name a few. I have asked about 25 friends if anyone of them had seen or ever heard of Seven Men From Now. No one had seen it or heard of it. You didn’t even mention The Stalking Moon with Gregory Peck. and The Missouri Breaks . How about Tell Them Willy Boy is Here. Someone has got to do their homework next time and stick to true westerns and not allow comedy and others to be counted as a true
    westerns . Have some solid guidelines that can be used to choose a “real” western. In conclusion, I must say that I have taken your fine publication, Wild West for about 15 years and I enjoy every issue. You guys are the best, you just need work on your movie selections.

  8. Joe

    I cannot believe your top 100 westerns did not include these fantastic movies. I agree mostly with your top ten movies, but I believe many on your remaining 90 list should not even be considered pure westerns. As a life long fan of western movies, hope you will put out another issue with a revised list.

    Law Man with Burt Lancaster-Great western movie.
    Apachi with Burt Lancaster-Another classic
    Last Train from Gun Hill with Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quin
    Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood


  9. jason

    bad daay at black rock isnt a westerns people geezs nor is pale face fargo last of the moricans ,the moussuri breaks these are nt westerns they are comidies

  10. Tom Bushman

    Your 100 greatest Westerns lists is lacking: The great “The Left- handed Gun” (The best ever), and the original “3:10 to Yuma” (much better than the sequel and probably the best black and white film ever. Although it is 3:00 in the afternoon, it looks like nearly the whole film is filmed early in the morning, the long shadows. It must have been mid-winter. When I was a boy the hanging scene,which is more common now in todays graphic frenzy,seemed shocking). A Coehn brothers fan must have insisted on “Blood Simple”. Any R. Scott reel could have sufficed. Otherwise the list is good!

  11. SJ Mannuzza

    How can they leave out SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON? To group it with Fort Apache is doing it a gross disservice. Ribbon stands apart as one of the most beautifully filmed westerns ever, and the first to depict Monument Valley in color! Leave it to John Ford. Speaking of Pappy, a personal favorite of mine not included is 3 GODFATHERS from 1948. Furthermore, I would’ve included THE BRAVADOS with Gregory Peck. And one last entry: FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. They included A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS. That’s a good choice if you’re discussing influential westerns, of which it definitely was, it kick-started the spaghetti western genre, but this list is of the GREATEST westerns not necessarily influential. By that criteria, A Few Dollars More is, in my opinion better than Fistful.

  12. Linda Solomon

    I still think Dances with Wolves should be up there as number one
    then the Shootist, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, Unforgiven, The Viginian, Tombstone, The Searchers, 3 Mules for Sister Sarah, and finally Shanendoah.

  13. Rick Frederick

    My ” best westerns” Shane, Tombstone, The Outlaw Josey Wales and The Man Who Sot Liberty Valance”

  14. david schaffner

    I have been a western fan for at least 50 years and in my lifetime I never thought I would see a “100 greatest westerns” list with “paleface” and “blazing saddles” on it.Unbeleivable,what were you guys thinking?I could name at least 10 John Wayne films that are not on your list.I cannot beleive why “Outlaw Josey Wales,High plains drifter and Pale rider were not on the list.How about 1947’s “Ramrod” and “Four faces west”,Culpepper cattle company and “The hunting party” and don’t forget”Lonsome dove.It would have been a nice tribute to the Duke to put “The shootist” in there.I think you guys need to have a refresher course at journalism school and maybe watch more westerns.

  15. alex pekic

    Nobody knows Sergio Leone’s “Once upon a time in the west” and “Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid” by Sam Peckinpah???


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